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Hundreds of property owners have chosen the Law Offices of Kirk A. Cullimore for their legal needs. Here's what they're saying:

I have very much enjoyed working with the team at Cullimore's office. They are educated in the law and know how to instruct me on the issues I am currently dealing with. They always have a positive attitude when I call and are never to busy to walk me thru any legal process. I have worked with them for several years and so feel this team truly strives for top customer service. Fabulous team. Fabulous attorneys.

Bailey Honey

I have found Kirk and his staff to be some of the most helpful people I have worked over the past 8 years that I have worked in this industry. They respond quickly by phone, or email. Their website is easy to navigate, and all of the staff is personable. Thanks for making my job easier!

Stephanie Fryer

Wow! Being in the apartment industry for years, it's so comforting to know that when you have a legal question, it's answered with efficiency and kindness. The staff is always so helpful.

Lindsey Selcho

Cullimore's office has done wonderfully with our evictions and collections. They are always on top of letting us know what they need from us so we can proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Kenzi Coons

My office has been with Cullimore for years and I love them. If I have an eviction or collection that needs taken care of I just upload it to their website and then I sit back and wait for my problems to go away.

Jeffrey Stinson - Kasteel Property Management

Cullimore is awesome! They are so easy to work with and quick to answer any housing questions. Very knowledgeable and professional

Riker Call Horizon Realty Advisors

I went to one of their property management conferences and they have more knowledge then anybody I've ever had the pleasure on listening to. I learned so much after leaving the conference.

Quinn Johnson

Kirk Cullimore and his team are always available to answer questions and are very knowledgable in the field of Resident Management Law. I have worked with their office for over 20 years and would highly recommend using their services. Affordable pricing. Fast results.

Lisa Ward

I have worked with Cullimore's office since I started in property management with Keyrenter four and a half years ago. They have always been so helpful and quick to respond in sensitive situations. They make the eviction process very smooth and have helped me expand my knowledge. I honestly feel that I wouldn't be able to be a successful property manager with out them! Thanks to your offices for all of your help over the years can't wait for many more!

Kristin Hacking KeyRenter

Utah's #1 law firm for evictions & landlord/tenant issues

At Community Solutions we are comforted to know that we have the offices of Kirk Cullimore to back us up with any questions, concerns or problems that arise in our industry. We manage a lot of rentals and each is different and unique and the attorneys and crew at Cullimore are so helpful with tenant and owner situations as they arise. Great group of knowledgeable people.

Kristy Patten Community Solutions

Cullimore and his family of staff are fantastic when dealing with evictions and landlord/tenant issues. They are very knowledgeable about the laws and are quick to help whenever I've needed them. Our company, CDA Properties, has been using their services for over 30 years.

Adam Willis CDA Properties

They are the best in the apartment business because they care so much about making positive changes with industry problems and they really want to train people up on how they should be good landlords and good tenants. On every issue out there they are the experts.

Roman Daniels

Very knowledgeable, professional and courteous staff. Questions and concerns are always attended to promptly. All matters are treated with urgency when needed. Cullimore and his associates are very busy and have a large client base but you would never know based on the amazing and quick service you receive.

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